Saturday, August 16, 2008

Long time no update

Well, it's been a long time since I posted anything and figured I would give an update. Although I don't know if anyone reads this. But anyways, living in Washington has been going well. I like it out here quite a bit. But it's been hot lately and our apartment doesn't have airconditioning, so that part sucks.

Work has been going good, and I've made some pretty cool shit so far. Some days are better than others, but overall it's been a very good experience so far. I'm not really sure if they are going to want to keep me or can, but time will tell I guess. I unfortunately haven't been doing any artwork though outside of work, which I really need to change. But I don't see one of my roomates during the week, so we do things on the weekend. I am gone for over 12 hours each day, Monday-Friday, so when I get home at 8:30 at night I just eat and want to relax. I haven't been playing at on of games lately either, which I need to change.

But all in all it's going well so far, but I feel I'm starting to get into a grind and need to mix things up.