Monday, July 6, 2009

Bungie Day 7/7/09

Yep, it's here again... but alas... no work for me... Sounds like there giving out Recon armor to fans or something, so kiddies will be going cwazy.

I will prob. play some Halo for a bit, but I'm going to use most of my day to practice on my new drum set. I've wanted to drum for a long time, and finally got myself a kit. It's nothing amazing, but should work well for learning on.

So anyways, that's what I will be doing tomorrow. I should probably get a practice pad from Guitar Center as well so I don't piss everyone off hitting on the snare all the time, lol.

More updates to come...


Sunday, July 5, 2009

ODST release soon, artwork starts rolling in

Well, ODST is coming out Sep. 22nd, which is pretty awesome. It's earlier than I expected, so that's a plus.

As soon as it's out, I can show some of the stuff that I worked on during production. Of course I'm not going to show it all, because alot of it was smaller things, re-using textures, and also things like AI hints that you don't see.

But, IGN has a screenshot of the halogram table that I did some work on, so I can show that I guess. I just basically did the little graphics on the table top, added some new parts to the model, like the new tether and roads, cleaned up the building Geo, the assault carrier, and some other stuff. The Art director put on the cool scan line effect after I was off contract.

So... yeah, not much else to say or show right now. I just bought a starter drum kit, which is something I've wanted to do for years. So I will be working on practicing that. The 4th was fun, didn't do a ton of stuff, just made some good food and played board games and listened to the fireworks blowing up constantly.

More updates to come....

Edit: I found some other screens with stuff I did.

This one you can kind of see a building on the left, which I completely did, as well as the suspended walkways in the background.