Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ODST has landed :)

Well it's finally here with full force. I was invited to the launch party last night in Seattle, which was alot of fun.

I'm not sure if/when I will get a copy, at least from Bungie. If I don't for some reason, I will buy it and post my work finally.

More to come..

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Been working on this off and on for the past few weeks. Working on finishing it up now. Just need to do the interior/bottom/engine textures and it's about done.

I was struggling with the handling, but found an easy fix, so now it's pretty much good to go.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

ODST Video

New video for the game I worked on, Halo 3: ODST.


You can see some more stuff I did, the arched roof building, another building in the background, the overhead catwalks, and other things, benches/park sign and whatnot. My best piece hasn't been shown yet though :(

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bungie Day 7/7/09

Yep, it's here again... but alas... no work for me... Sounds like there giving out Recon armor to fans or something, so kiddies will be going cwazy.

I will prob. play some Halo for a bit, but I'm going to use most of my day to practice on my new drum set. I've wanted to drum for a long time, and finally got myself a kit. It's nothing amazing, but should work well for learning on.

So anyways, that's what I will be doing tomorrow. I should probably get a practice pad from Guitar Center as well so I don't piss everyone off hitting on the snare all the time, lol.

More updates to come...


Sunday, July 5, 2009

ODST release soon, artwork starts rolling in

Well, ODST is coming out Sep. 22nd, which is pretty awesome. It's earlier than I expected, so that's a plus.

As soon as it's out, I can show some of the stuff that I worked on during production. Of course I'm not going to show it all, because alot of it was smaller things, re-using textures, and also things like AI hints that you don't see.

But, IGN has a screenshot of the halogram table that I did some work on, so I can show that I guess. I just basically did the little graphics on the table top, added some new parts to the model, like the new tether and roads, cleaned up the building Geo, the assault carrier, and some other stuff. The Art director put on the cool scan line effect after I was off contract.

So... yeah, not much else to say or show right now. I just bought a starter drum kit, which is something I've wanted to do for years. So I will be working on practicing that. The 4th was fun, didn't do a ton of stuff, just made some good food and played board games and listened to the fireworks blowing up constantly.

More updates to come....

Edit: I found some other screens with stuff I did.

This one you can kind of see a building on the left, which I completely did, as well as the suspended walkways in the background.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quick Update

Just figured I would make a little post about what's going on.

I started up at Bungie again as a Contract 3D Artist doing props for Halo: Reach. I joined up with 9 other guys in a separate building from the main studio. So far everything's been going great, and I really like how this project is looking already.

I really need to update my art section on my site, but I kind of have to wait, or want to wait on that until I can show my stuff from ODST this fall.

Other than that, nothing else has changed much. I have a new art director which is cool, it's nice to meet more of the Bungie team. We also have a new Associate Producer, who is a girl, which is also very nice, ha. Not too many of them around at work :(.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Added a tiny bit more detail, not much. Mostly just wanted to do a better render closer to what Epic Games does for their highpoly stuff. Not sure if I will do anymore on this or not.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Small project

Started on this the other day just to get back into the swing of things. I may or may not do the low poly with textures, not sure yet. Spent probably 7-8 hours on this so far or something. Nothing really complex, but it was fun to do this far.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sandbag Update

I re-worked the normal on the bags, added more wrinkles/folds, and added a detail bump to the shader. I also did quite a bit of work on the diffuse, adding some darker areas where the folds lie, and also making them look more worn/dirty.

Sand Bags (1st Pass)

One of my roommates requested me to make some sandbags for Unreal for a map he's making. So I made 3 differen't versions and combined them into 1 map, then rotated and adjusted them all to make this wall. I need to add more dirt/grunge on the texture yet, and do a possible spec map, as well as tweak the placement/pose of the bags.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wagon Wheel

Another quick object I did and threw into Unreal. The textures look somewhat muddy... there 1024's too.. I think partially it's from the DXT compression Unreal does, but also just the fact I could have unwrapped my lowpoly somewhat better.

I brought the highpoly into mudbox for this one and sculpted the wood grain and some other dings and marks.

Edit: I added a detail normal map to the shader, which helps alot. It at least helps to make it look higher rez and not so muddy.

New Version:

Old Version:

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Balloon Update

Well, I've been doing more playing around with the Unreal shader nodes, as well as doing more research and learning new techniques in Photoshop. Here is the updated model. I am probably done with this now. It was more of a test object than anything really. Now that I know more about Unreals rendering methods and just how to go about these things in general, I should be able to do something more interesting.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Did a quick little project for fun. Found a concept online somewhere and decided to do a highpoly, lowpoly, normal map bake and put into Unreal Engine 3. Might do some more work on this, but I don't know. Might move onto something more interesting and challenging.

Previous images were rendered in Unreal Engine 3.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's been a while....

Hello there,

Ya I know...it's been what... like 5 or 6 months since I've updated this thing... but no one probably looks any this anyways, haha.

But anyways, I'm not sure where to begin with this one... I guess I can start by saying Rock Band 2 is pretty freakin awesome. My roommates and I picked it up last night, and the drums are a blast. Although we need to keep the noise to a minimum because of neighbors in the apartment complex.... but we might be moving into a house in a few months, so that won't matter anything :).

Working at Bungie has been a very good experience. I've learned so much more then I thought I would have before I started there. I've changed the way I work quite drastically, and have improved in modeling and texturing more than I realize sometimes. My contract is up at the end of March, but I have been approached with the opportunity to come back on for another YEAR starting in June if I want to. So I was quite suprized by that, but I'm probably most definately going to take it.

Living in Washington has been a good experience, except for when it snows... people driving like idiots.... But I ride the bus most of the time, so it's not as bad/stressful. I've seen quite a few parts of this state, but still need to get out and see alot more.

As far as upcomming games or technology that I've been watching, I'm looking forward to Mafia 2 alot, as well as Dirt 2 and Fear 2. I've been playing the Skate 2 demo recently and have had quite fun with it, but idk if I want to pick it up anytime soon... It lost it's appeal after a bit for the first one, so it might be a no.

But anyways, that's about all I have for now... and I'll try to update this thing a little more often.. even though like I said before, no one probably reads it.